A geeky pleasure

One of my new duties as administration is a monthly column in our school publication called the “Eagle Eye” The editor came up with idea to do my new column as an advice column called ” Ask Miss Gerdes”, and I loved the idea. However, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed writing the responses, apparently I like giving advice! I wanted to share with you what I wrote for my first column. I was advised to save the juicy topics, like crushes and dating for my later editions, so stay tuned!

Ask Miss Gerdes November 2009

Q: What is this supposed “Ask Miss Gerdes” thing all about?
A: Thanks for your question. This whole “Ask Miss Gerdes” column idea was brought together by the esteemed editor of the the “Eagle Eye” and I loved the idea. Moreover, life is full of questions, what to eat, what to wear, who to text, kepab or würst, and of course the classic, to be or not to be. In this column I will be addressing questions that I may have a moderate level of knowledge about, which narrows the field to middle school. Each month I will be answering one or more questions having to do with the crazy world of middle school. These questions will be generated by you the parents and of course the students.
The answers will be a mix of serious advice and attempts at levity or even humor. I understand how crazy and often scary middle school can be for the parents and for the child. I hope this column will bring about an understanding and more importantly open up conversation between you and your child. You are the final voice in your child’s life and it is your advice that matters the most. Therefore, if you do not agree with my opinion please feel free to express that to your child and share your thoughts with them. Thanks for having great kids and for allowing all of us to speak into their lives.
If you have a burning questions please feel free to email me at wgerdes@vcs-austria.org

Q: How do I make it to class on time with all my stuff?

A: Well, I would first suggest that you cultivate a super power to freeze the world around you so you can get all your things together while still being able to talk to your friends! However, if that is not something that you can do here are a few tips;
1) Plan ahead! If you know your next class is in the Keller or up on the 3rd floor bring your stuff with you so you don’t have to go to your locker.
2) Keep your locker organized! If you know where things are you will be able to get what you need out much faster and without causing a locker avalanche of papers and books.
3) Keep you binder organized! At the beginning of the day make sure that all your homework and other papers are in the the right section of your binder for that day.
4) Don’t talk so much to your friends! (Gasp!) Both you and your friends have to get to class on time so save the drama and other big conversations for break time, lunch or after school. I know it’s hard but your friends will still be there after school and maybe, just maybe, the drama will not be so dramatic by then!
5) Work together! Ask each other what you need for class that day and encourage each other to move faster. It’s easy to forget things and get distracted but if you find a friend that will help you out, not just distract you more, you will find getting to class on time, with all your stuff much more successful!

Just keep trying, you can do it, super power or not!


One thought on “A geeky pleasure

  1. Miss Gerdes, Your advice is very helpful! I think it will be hard not to talk to my friends so much, but you’re right that thinking about what I need to bring with me and getting to class on time are really important.

    Thinking back to my middle school experiences, one of the biggest stressors for me was forgetting part or all of my gym clothes. What can one do in this situation? I have a few suggestions from personal experience, but I’d like to hear yours!


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