“Ask Miss Gerdes” December

Ask Miss Gerdes December
Question 1: Is Santa real?

Well, first of all I must assume that you are referring to Jolly Old Saint Nick, commonly known as Santa Claus. If you were not referring to him, then yes he is real, at least I think he is. Santa is the beloved character, who knows when you are sleeping, who knows when you’re awake and more importantly knows when you’ve been bad or good. However, keep in mind that being “bad” or “good” is entirely dependent on Santa’s morality scale which we all know is available on Wikipedia. As far as Santa being real or not, I am afraid that I cannot comment on that subject for I do my best not to make Mr. Hamm cry. One thing I will comment on is this; is truly does not matter if Santa is real or not because Christmas isn’t about him anyway it’s about Jesus, who does see you when you are sleeping and knows when you’re awake but in a much less creepy way!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. If you do find that Santa is real and see him up on a rooftop, can you ask him how he shrinks himself to fit down the chimney, I desperately need that skill for a game of Sardines coming up next week!

Question 2: How do I remember to bring everything I need home to get my homework done?

Oh, thank you for asking that question! This is a problem that plagues students all around the world. Two words feared by teachers everywhere, “I forgot” are heard over and over again. There are several things you can do to remember what you need to finish your homework and to do it well!

Buy my new “Forget me not” homework attachment system! For only 5 installments of 45.89 Euro you will never forget your homework again. A simple instrument used by teachers for years can save your grade. You guessed it, a stapler. Just, staple your homework onto your body as you go through the day and always have your stuff with you!!
Or, use another awesome tool called YOUR PLANNER!!! This incredible invention has space where you can write your homework for every class, every day! It is revolutionary!
While using this planner not only write down your assignment but write down the materials you need to get that assignment done. If you need your book, write down “take book home” or you can go all fancy and write “TBH”. If you need an African Camel, write “AC”, you get the idea.
Have a homework folder or section in your binder where you automatically put assignments when you get them!
Throughout the day, after each class if you know you need to take that book home put it in your locker right away!
Before you get distracted by all the drama going on around you at the lockers, stop, drop, and roll. Wait, that’s not it…STOP, THINK, and PACK, STP. Stop talking to people around you and look at your planner. Think about what classes you had that day and what your homework is for each class. Pack up all the things you need before you talk to all your friends and work to bring about world peace.
Thanks for your questions!

Miss Gerdes


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