My country tis of thee…

After being delayed in Chicago for 4 hours I made it back to Minnesota.  A tearfull renunion with Momma and a quick stop at the great Taco Bell for Seven layers of heaven and I am back in Montevideo.

I haven’t been back to America in a year and a half and haven’t spent more than a few days here in two years so needless to say it’s weird.

I watned to write down some of my oberservations:

  • People smile a lot here at first I didn’t know what to do but now the smile is back in business.
  • A lot of people speak English…really loudly
  • The light switches are strange.  It took me several times of hitting the wall to remember that I have to actually move the light switch.
  • The newspapers are super skinny.
  • I love American cereal!
  • I also still love 7-layer burritos
  • Watching American T.V. rocks.
  • I am working on not becoming an introvert becuase the how in your face the American culture is
  • I can’t decide if I am taller in America or if things are made for tall people in Europe but everything(door handles/toilets/light switches) are all lower down on the wall.
  • I like being home 😉

Call me my cell phone is 651-212-1217

More to come…


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