A Saturday

Our school has been focusing on social justice issues around the globe for the past couple of years.  We have been wanting to partner specifically with a ministry working with human trafficking here in Vienna.  I along with others had a meeting with one of the leaders of a local ministry that works with prostitutes, most of whom have been trafficked into the city.  Prostitution is legal here and it is often the only legal way for these women to have an income.   Crazy, I know!  This front lines ministry does a Christmas give away every year.  They put together bags of cookies to give to around 400 woman involved in the prostitution ring.  They asked us to help out as they were only half way to the amount of cookies they needed.

I don’t generally bake, as there are many more rules to follow than in general cooking but for a good cause I decided to follow some rules.  I asked some of my middle school students to join me and I love that they were genuinely excited about helping out with this ministry.  So, many cookies later, lots of laughing, lots of middle school gossip, and a whole lot of singing later we were able to accomplish something really cool.  Also, I just like these girls a lot.

Mixing ingredients Asian style.
The absence of chocolate chips mean fun with knives.

The finished product

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