Gerdes Invasion

The band of travelers


Visitors are awesome; visitors that are related to me are even more awesome.  Over my energy break at the beginning of the month I had the pleasure of hosting my mom and uncle and aunt from Minnesota.  It was a whirlwind trip for me and I can’t imagine how utterly discombobulating it all was.  I took the day off of school to make my apartment “mom-ready” and pick them up from the airport.  To absolutely no ones surprise I was late picking them up, however they were incredibly patient.  There really is nothing like that first hug in the airport!  They came to my school that next day and were given a standomg ovation by my middle schoolers during lunch.  They were VERY excited to see my family and were impressively sweet.   It was great to have my mom stay and watch a few of my classes and see these kids in action that I talk about all the time.

There was more sightseeing and church that weekend and then off to the mountains.  We stopped in a rather gorgeous town of Hallstadt on our way to Salzburg and it was well worth the detour.  It was great showing them Salzburg and even better was that I actually enjoyed the “Sound of Music Tour”.  I was incredibly skeptical but we had a fantastic tour guide.   We then drove up into Germany to see the Dachau Concentration Camp.  This was an sobering experience, yet I was very impressed with the thoughtful intentionality in every aspect of the camp.  I hope to write more about the camp in an later blog post.

Then we drove back to Vienna and had a wonderful more relaxing day before they flew out.   It always messes with me to have worlds collide but I love showing off my world to people that I love dearly.  Come and visit.


One last picture with my momma!

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