The pain of the leaving and the joy of returning

I have just arrived back in Vienna for one more year at ICSV.  I was able to spend just over a month home in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Virginia.  I loved my time in the states and felt the work of the Lord on my heart as He transitions me back to life there(I think!)   The longer I am over here in Vienna and harder it is to go “home” knowing I will leave again soon.  People often ask why I don’t come back to the states more often and the truth is; my heart can’t handle it.  It definitely gets harder to leave each time I say goodbye to my family and friends in the U.S.   Saying goodbye to faces like these break my heart.

My sister and her husband makes some beautiful kids!

Even with my broken heart I am so confident in the Lord’s call to come back to Vienna for this year.  I love this place and this feels more like home to me in many ways.  I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me this year and I love that I have fantastic friends and faces I love on both sides of the ocean.  The Lord has given me a heart for children and here in Vienna is it faces like these that call me back.

So, as I transition back into a new single apartment and try to figure out where I packed everything I desperately want to trust the Father’s heart and be still and know that He is God!


One thought on “The pain of the leaving and the joy of returning

  1. Hi Whitney! Love the re-design of the blog. It is SO you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. You are one loved gal, by many people, in both of your “homes”. Keep up the good work – God is faithful and He will provide all that you need this year and next!

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