Amazed by God

Here is the update I wrote for my newsletter:

The first week of October brought our Fall Spiritual Emphasis Week here at ICSV. Traditionally, for this week we bring in a speaker from the States who speaks at chapel and loves on our kids throughout the rest of the day. These weeks have always been an encouragement to me as well as the students. This year, however, the HS Chaplin and I felt that it would be better to have the speaker(s) be from our community. With our incredibly diverse student body it is very challenging for an outsider to come in and know how to address our students. So, this year the idea developed into the theme, “byHisDesign” ,and was built around the testimonies of staff members.
As we prepared for this week my heart was burdened by how much work it was to organize the week with incredible intentionality; as the Lord was impressing upon my heart the importance of this week. Everything seemed to come together at the exact last minute but it was prefect that way as it kept us all very much aware or our inability to make this happen! From the first testimonies from two elementary teachers who had miraculous things happen in their life yet testify to the true miracle being Salvation, to Friday when dear friends of mine shared a raw and right now struggle in their lives, the Holy Spirit was moving. I was amazed day after day of how sweet the Spirit is and how faithful He is to remind me that He is in control. He also taught me the power of testimony and I as well as the chapel team felt the weight of protecting these testimonies and honoring the courage of those sharing. There is a reason that Lord commanded Israel to recount the deeds of the Lord and the Pslamist writes about speaking these things to Children in Psalm 78:4, testimonies build up faith.
During the last two days of the week I had the privilege of praying with and listening to many of my students as they opened up about their own hurts and what they felt God saying to them. I had the privilege of challenging one of my 8th grade girls from India to choose Jesus as the only God, and she did! There were many students who gave their lives to Christ for the first time and many more who renewed their commitment! He is Good!


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