Oh the Monies….


Money,finances,budgets,taxes,income,debt…blah.  I really do not like dealing with money, hearing about it, but I do enjoy having it.  Money is tight these days and due to the fact that I can’t add I drained my bank account without meaning to.  Now, that means my bank account here in Austria, thankfully I do have money in America it just isn’t here yet  and it isn’t a lot.  So, as I delt with that today and thought about upcoming expenses including a plane ticket and Austrian income tax I was kind of freaking out.  I wanted to hide, I wanted to not deal with it and, as per my usual response when it comes to finances, just close my eyes and hope it takes care of itself.  In my moping, increased by the exhaustion of this week, I just needed to stay in my classroom and not go up to my office after class.  Five minutes later, in walks a beautiful senior girl who happens to also by my teachers assistant to interview me for her Economics class.  The questions she asked me were exactly what I need to be asked at that moment.  She asked about my thoughts on giving, why I am a missionary teacher when I don’t get paid,  and how does the Bible influence my financial decisions.  Oh, God, you have me exaclty where you want me!  By answering all of these questions it spoke volumes of faith into my Spirit.  I needed to be reminded about the truths of God’s providence that I believed two hours earlier, but had let go of!  He is the Good, Good Father who will provide all that I need and more!  I have never gone without and He is in control.  I love that He is my God and that He is the One through whom all things are made and all things hold together including my bank account.  😉

Yes, I need to deal with it.  I can’t just ignore things about money especially since I have my Austrian tax appointment today after school! Yep, God has me exactly where He wants me; depleted, desperate, dependent and devoted.  You are my God Jehovah-Jireh and I just love the way He works.


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