My final “Ask Miss Gerdes”

It is almost the end.  I have three and a half weeks left in Vienna and my heart has no idea what to do.  I cannot express how much is hurts to leave yet how very much I am filled with hope when I think of the Lord’s tender care.  In hopes of leaving well, I want to speak blessing over as many people as I can that I have had the chance to love here in Vienna.  In my last “Ask Miss Gerdes” column I attempted to do just that.  Here it is;

First, I would like to take this opportunity to make an announcement; I am a really
terrible leaver. I mean really terrible. I always want to be the last person to leave an
event, I despise good-byes and I usually think of many different ways I can avoid the
farewell at all costs. Unfortunately, this avoidance only works for so long and then it is
time to face the facts, face the music, face reality, and in some cases come to grips with
the good-bye. This will be my last Ask Miss Gerdes column and as far as I know there
is not another Miss Gerdes that will be working at ICSV next year, so this seems to be
the last Ask Miss Gerdes column ever! It is a good thing I have solved all of the middle
school problems. Yes, all of them.
Middle school is the time of change, painfully awkward and smelly change. That I
cannot solve, nor do I want to. It has been said (by me and maybe my mom) that I love
working with middle school because I have the maturity of a 13 year old. I have been
challenging the middle schoolers with being young men and women who are always
changeable, always growing in maturity, honor and their love for Jesus. So, has my
advice to my students been evident in my own life? I sure hope so. My life has been
forever changed by my time here at ICSV. I have been able to experience so many
beautiful cultures, people (you know who you are), and foods. I have been blessed by
every one of you and I am so very thankful to the Lord for the chance to do life with you
my colleagues, students and parent community these past 4 years. I have been loved well
and I hope that I have loved well in return, which is why it hurts so much to say good-
bye. I would like to end my column by stealing an idea that I got from…well, actually I
am not going to tell you for fear that you may think its source makes it silly. It may be
but it is with the greatest sincerity that I share my wishes for the students at ICSV.
I hope you learn to be honest.
I hope you aren’t afraid to be passionate
I hope you love well, even when it hurts
I hope you get excited about serving others.
I hope you laugh at least 80 times a day.
I hope you never forget to fear the Lord
I hope you ignore gossip.
I hope you become a world changer.
I hope you respect those above you and below you.
I hope you grow in wisdom.

Thank you for an unforgettable 4 years. You are forever in my heart and my prayers and
I miss you already!
All my love,
Miss Gerdes


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