Thankful Thursday #1

1) Being able to work at a school that sets aside a day for Service and prayer and getting to ride on a school bus on the way to that service. 2) A pretty sweet team to work with 3) Fun and mutually crazy coworkers who are most definitely now friends and look smokin’ hot … More Thankful Thursday #1

Ugly or Retro cool?

These wallpaper covered cupboards are a sign that I do have things to blog about again! This is my announcement that I will be blogging again and instead of pictures of really cute kids it may be more of this, sorry!

Seeing dimly through a dirty windshield.

I captured this picture on my way home from the big city this weekend.  I was simply mesmorized by the beautiful sunset and couldn’t stop giving glory to God for how feakin’ beautiful it was!  I mean seriously.  Now, as I was driving for some reason I couldn’t be bothered to stop and get out … More Seeing dimly through a dirty windshield.

The not quite half-marathon and the Living Water

The story: Somewhere along the line on Sunday, during the half-marathon in beautiful Hallstatt, Austria my invincibility shield failed.  I don’t think I knew I was wearing one until it failed.  At about Km 10(of 21) I realized that I was much more tired than I should be at that point and realized I might … More The not quite half-marathon and the Living Water